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Highland Reverie

Previously Luke Morris and Madison Elmore

We have news. We have decided to continue our musical journey with a new name. When we began playing shows together in 2019 we saw our duo as a side project. We used our names because at the time, we were two solo artists coming together for some occasional shows and recordings.
Our lives have profoundly changed since then.
As of this August, we are married and our music has evolved alongside our personal lives. Our music has taken on a life of its own and has become a primary creative outlet for us.
We knew that before we released any more music we needed to bear a name that reflected our sound and symbolized the new identity of our duo. The first part of our name “Highland” simply refers to the area we call home. Old-time and bluegrass music from the Appalachian highlands is the foundation for everything we create. The second part of our name “Reverie” is a noun that describes a daydream or a trance. It is used in musical context to describe music that provokes a dream-like, meditative state.
We love the feeling of being completely locked into a musical moment while the world fades away around us and we want our music to leave people lost in a reverie.


Drawing their influences from the rich musical heritage of the Blue Ridge mountains, Luke and Madison Morris grew up playing traditional Appalachian music. This songwriting, roots duo brings a unique sound that reflects the beauty of American music tradition. Luke is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist who plays mostly mandolin and guitar. He also is an accomplished songwriter and released his first album “Further Down the Line,” in 2018. He plays mandolin and sings with the bluegrass band “ShadowGrass.” Madison is a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist, with her main instruments being fiddle, guitar, and piano. She enjoys songwriting as well. Madison has had the opportunity to perform at venues such as the “Grand Ole Opry,” the “Country Music Hall of Fame,” and the “Station Inn.” The two began playing together regularly in 2018 and have since released their debut single “Take Me Back to the Blue Ridge” in December of 2019. Together they bring a unique sound and creative songwriting, that continues to evolve while remaining true to their roots.

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